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asker Hi, i'm sorry to hear you aren't going to be posting anymore, however i have a Jackass blog and i post things anything Jackass related. I also began posting for me, but i like sharing Jackass photos with everyone else on tumblr because i know everyone loves them, i'm not doing this as any kinda promotion thing, but i know that your followers would love to see Jackass and Bam photos still, so just in case they wanted to see any, my blog is hellomargera I'll miss your blog, i've reposted a lot!x

Hello lovely, I remember your blog from when I was active in the tags! Everyone, if you follow me and don’t want jackass withdrawls, go follow this lovely lady!
To address your point, that is exactly why I did it. For me, first, but then secondly for the other tumblr users. :3 Thank you for your kindness darling.  

hello followers of this blog;

for any of you who actually care, i’ve stopped using this. originally when i started this blog, i loved running it. i lived to find the next new photo of bam, or novak, or anyone really. i believe it was around this time last year when my ‘obsession’ went into overdrive and i began doing this. 

lately (within the last month or 2) i’ve been finding this blog less enjoyable. a few weeks ago i left this blog and let the rest of my queue post. it has now finished.

originally i thought of gifting this blog to someone else to run, but then i remembered why i started it. for pictures i wanted to see.

so rather i’ve chose to keep this blog to remember a major part of my last year. feel free to unfollow, i doubt that i’ll be posting here again.

you can find me on my main blog, if you want. http://awesomelymad.tumblr.com/

thank you all very much.



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babe, the way i remember you most <3


babe, the way i remember you most &lt;3
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